• Wind Energy

    Wind Energy

    A range of adhesive bonding solutions available for the wind industry.

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  • Marine Adhesives

    Marine Adhesives

    Reducing dust emissions and increasing production speed

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  • Transport Adhesives

    Transport Adhesives

    Rail, bus, coach and truck companies such as Alstom, Bombardier, Volvo, Virgin and NABI use our Plexus structural adhesives

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  • Automotive Adhesives

    Automotive Adhesives

    Car Manufacturers like Ford, GM, Rover, Chrysler, Saab and Land Rover use Plexus structural adhesives

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  • Construction Adhesives

    Construction Adhesives

    Plexus has a proven track record of bonding composite and thermoplastic doors, GRP architectural features, pultruded bridges, GRP tanks and more.

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  • Agricultural Adhesives


    Plexus structural adhesives are extensively used by agriculture machinery manufacturers to reduce production costs, streamline the assembly process and ultimately improve overall machinery performance.

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